Frequently Asked Questions

Sharqiya Sands has fantastic view with the sunrise. Hot air balloon is one of the best ways to discover the beauties of Sharqiya Sands

We schedule balloon flights each morning during sunrise
Balloon flight is performed according to the meteorological limitations. By considering safety first, our pilots will decide if balloon can fly or not
If hot air balloon is cancelled due to bad weather, you can choose to be rescheduled to next morning subject to availability or get 100% payment refund

As Royal Balloon – Oman we unfortunately do not accept children below age of 6. Because of the height of the basket, they will have difficult time to see anything and enjoy the hot air balloon tour

In a hot air balloon, a gas burner is used to heat the air air to a temperature of about 100°C (212°F). Since hot air is lighter and less dense than the cool air around the balloon, the heated air causes the whole balloon to rise. When the air inside the balloon cools down, or when the hot air is let out, the balloon goes down

Balloons need stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise are the best for finding these winds. Since balloons move with the air, the weather is very important in deciding to whether or not to fly

Hot Air Balloons has 3 main parts. Wicker basket where passengers stand, the burner which is the fire resource and the envelope which carries the basket

The envelope is usually made of nylon or polyester, the same type of cloth that parachutes are made of. It is very tightly woven and is coated with a material that makes it very air tight. The nylon is only used to keep the hot air in the balloon. The basket load is transferred by steel or Kevlar cables to a series of vertical load tapes which carry the load. 

The wicker basket has proven to be very strong for its weight and is flexible. The wicker is sometimes woven around a steel or aluminum frame, which helps to support the upright posts upon which the burner is mounted. The top rim of the basket and the uprights are usually padded and covered in suede or leather. Also the weight is critical in balloon flying, the baskets are made of light materials such as wicker, fiberglass or aluminum. 

When the time comes to put the balloon up, the envelope is removed from the bag and laid out in a long line. The burners are attached to the uprights, and the basket is attached to the cables on the bottom of the envelope. An engine driven fan is used to inflate the envelope with cold air. When partially inflated, the air is heated by a burner and the envelope rises above the basket. With further heating, there is sufficient “lift” for the balloon to fly

To heat the air, the burners are fueled by propane or LPG gas, much the same as you probably use in your backyard barbecue grill. The burners do not run continuously; they are only used intermittently to heat the air to maintain the required lift. In this point we have to aware you that butane can be used for hot air balloons

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. There is really no need to dress up. You should wear the type of clothing that you would expect to wear if you be going for a walk the day of the flight. A light jacket is sometimes comfortable. Shoes should have flat soles, and the majority of top clothing should be made of cotton rather than man-made fibers. Tall passengers may find a hat useful because of the radiant heat from the burners

Yes, there is no problem in taking either a still or video camera with you during the flight. A hot air balloon makes a perfect camera platform and there is always plenty to photograph prior to, during and after to the flight. We do recommend, however, that you have a suitable soft case with you in which to stow the camera during the landing phase of the flight

From start to finish, your adventure will last about 2 hours. The inflation and preparation of the balloon normally takes about 30 minutes. The flight itself normally takes around 45 to 60 minutes. After the flight, the ceremonies take about 30 minutes The balloons always carry sufficient fuel for at least 2 hours flight time plus a 30 minute reserve capacity. 

Radios are used to stay in contact with the ground crew

Flying in a high sided balloon basket is not like standing in a roof or a high ladder. You don’t get that vertigo feeling. It is more like the ground is unfolding beneath you and because you are moving with the wind, there is no wind blowing. The basket does not rock or sway so you can’t possibly fall out

No it is not. The turbulence which usually causes motion sickness is completely absent in a balloon ride. The flight of a balloon is almost too smooth to describe

The Civil Aviation Authority of Oman controls ballooning with the same strict regulations that apply to airplanes 

If taken well care of, a balloon envelope should last approximately 1000 flying hours which corresponds depending on number of flying days around 4-5 years

An altimeter to indicate altitude, a variometer showing its rate of climb or decent, a compass to show directions, and a temperature gage to show how hot the fabric is at the top of the balloon. Each gas tank has a fuel gauge, and the burner has a fuel pressure gauge. 

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