Balloon Flight

1. Arrival to Take Off Area

Exact time depending on season, guests are picked up either from their camps or come to take off area before sunrise. Our take-off area is located between Arabian Oryx Camp and Desert Nights Camp

2. Inflation & Take Off

Our passengers will witness how the crew and the pilot unloads, assembles and inflates the balloon at the take-off site while enjoying morning coffee and snacks. Following an introduction to the safety factors of ballooning with your pilot, your amazing experience will begin.

3. Balloon Tour

The balloons will climb approximately 600 meters (2000 feet) during the flight. A panoramic and marvelous view will greet the passengers while gliding above scenic view of Sharqiya Sands. Balloons move by the wind and you will float wherever the wind takes you; so that each flight brings new and memorable experiences. Each passenger is to dress according to the temperature. Flat shoes, hat, sunglasses and of course camera is a must. The flight presents many photo opportunities and lifetime memories to cherish.

4. Landing Ceremony

As ballooning tradition, we have celebration ceremony with juice and snacks after the landing and we will give medal as memory of this unforgettable day.