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    Air Hot Baloon Experience

    Sharqiya Sands Balloon Flights

    Sharqiya  Sands Hot Air Balloon Rides are one of the best ways to discover and explore the area of Sharqiya Sands. While you are watching the scenic view of desert and different colors of sand from your Hot Air Balloon, you will close your eyes and listen to the sound of silence and peace.

    Sharqiya Sands Balloon Flights are getting more popular every year due to perfect weather conditions and amazing scenery which Sharqiya Sands offers to the guests from all around the World.

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    Arrival to Take Off Area

    Exact time depending on season, guests are picked up either from their camps or come to take off area before sunrise.

    Inflation & Take Off

    Our passengers will witness how the crew and the pilot unloads, assembles and inflates the balloon at the take-off site while enjoying morning coffee and snacks.

    Balloon Tour

    The balloons will climb approximately 600 meters (2000 feet) during the flight. A panoramic and marvelous view will greet the passengers while gliding above scenic view of Sharqiya Sands.

    Landing Ceremony

    As ballooning tradition, we have celebration ceremony with juice and snacks after the landing and we will give medal as memory of this unforgettable day.

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    Royal Balloon Flight

    Royal Balloon – Oman  operating Hot Air Balloon Flights over the spectacular and breathtaking landscape of Sharqiya Sands. Experienced – Worldwide known Hot Air Balloon Pilots of Royal Balloon – Oman will be delighted to see you on board and take you for an unforgettable Sharqiya Sands Balloon Tour.

    Ballooning in Sharqiya Sands, is without doubt a “must do” and let us treat you Royal with a Luxury and Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Adventure over Sharqiya Sands.

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